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DIY Building Blocks

Walking into Early Learning Centre I don’t know where to start when it comes to thinking of an idea for a gift for my young niece. Then I think of the toys she played with on her last birthday, or even when I just go to visit her and then I come across the classic […]

Cube those thoughts!

I have friends who tell me about their day at work and how they had endless meetings, one more boring than the next. I’m not suggesting all meetings are the same but maybe a sprinkle of salt may be needed to add some flavour. If not salt then why not a StoryCube? A StoryCube provides […]

To board or not to board…..??

Monopoly, Snakes & Ladders, Scrabble What do these games have in common?? They are all played on a board! Like most games out there..hence ‘board game.’ Board games have been around for centuries! Time to update the ‘board game’ concept I think…… StoryCubes are a great way to create a game which is different, unique […]

Promote all day, everyday, all year round…

There’s so many ways to promote something, but usually it’s something we pass by, like a poster, flick through – magazines, even throw away – leaflets. I rarely do come across a piece of promotional material that I keep. This is why I think using a calender cube as a promotional item is a great, […]

Tell a story through your own eyes…

Stories are traditionally told with words and images in some cases. However a StoryCube allows you to not only do both, but also tell a story just using images on each face of the cube. I think this is a great way of telling a story as it allows the reader to have the opportunity […]

DIY Photo Gift Cube

If you’re anything like me and are a tad obsessed with taking pictures, then you don’t just want to leave your pictures on the camera for on one to see or if you get people nagging you to upload them so they can try and recall the antics of the previous night. In one way […]

Build Your Own Dice!

Everything seems to be changing; the way we shop, the way we socialise, the way we communicate! Amongst younger children, it seems the internet has literally taken over their lives! There doesn’t seem to be much interaction apart from a person and their computer screen! Trying to get the attention of my 12 year old […]

Rules are meant to be broken!

When I hear the word ‘rules’, it almost sounds serious, restrictive, even formal. Therefore I find it even more off putting and boring to read when there’s a page of rules in front of me! So why not break the usual way of presenting a list of rules…? StoryCubes provide an innovative way of providing […]

Common or Distinctive….?

Newspapers, magazines, leaflets, radio, TV, digital…all traditional ways of promoting a product or brand. Advertising and promotion should be innovative, different and unique for it to be effective. Seeing the same old advert or getting the same old leaflet through the letterbox, which like most people undoubtedly, I throw away without reading it, maybe starting […]


Looking at the advancements in technology over the last few decades is astonishing! It’s no wonder now you can do everything on your computer or phone; watch TV, online shopping, talk to family and friends half way across the world and even read a book! But what does that mean for a book – an […]