Cube those thoughts!

I have friends who tell me about their day at work and how they had endless meetings, one more boring than the next. I’m not suggesting all meetings are the same but maybe a sprinkle of salt may be needed to add some flavour. If not salt then why not a StoryCube?

A StoryCube provides an alternative to presenting results. Each side can represent someone’s view, opinion or feedback.

These can even be placed at conferences for people to look at, pick up and read, instead of the conventional PowerPoint presentation or someone regurgitating information.

Dan Sutch of Futurelab, used this concept in their Why Don’t You conference, whereby the results of his discussion topic (innovation) were recorded by the participants on each face of the cube.

The cubes were used as a facilitation tool at the conference by professionals. Take a look here for the summary of this workshop and also the comments that were on the cubes. However the cubes have also been used in a very different way, as illustated by Gillian Cowell’s work below.

Gillian Cowell used the StoryCubes as a way of recording statements made by people who were involved in her Greenhill Project, shown below.

Unlike the Why Don’t You project the cubes were used in a local community by different age groups. This just illustrates the wide context the cubes can be used in.

Buy blank StoryCubes here to use in meetings, conferences and your own projects.


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