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Xmas 2011 Special Offer

  We’ve reduced the prices on packs of 27, 64 & 125 StoryCubes in both Original and Medium sizes. Please visit our store to buy online. Offers end on December 14th (last posting date is 15th December). There’s also a 10% discount on bookleteer ¬†Short Run Printing in the run up to Xmas, so if […]

bookleteer, Avery labels & StoryCubes

Over the summer we’ve been experimenting with using standard office labels to print StoryCubes designs created with bookleteer and mount them onto blank StoryCubes made and sold by Proboscis. This is proving to be the simplest, cheapest and most effective way we have found to make small numbers of cubes at home or work using […]

DIY Photo Gift Cube

If you’re anything like me and are a tad obsessed with taking pictures, then you don’t just want to leave your pictures on the camera for on one to see or if you get people nagging you to upload them so they can try and recall the antics of the previous night. In one way […]

Christmas Greeting Cubes

Merry Christmas! This is the usual slogan you would find in most Christmas cards. When it comes to giving cards, I prefer a more personalised message. It’s more meaningful and unique in its own way. Introducing the highly unusual and visual promotional Christmas Greeting Card – the Christmas Greeting Cube! Twelve faces provide the opportunity […]

Card or Cube?..Surprise your other half this year…

Valentines Day – flowers, chocolates, jewelery ( if your lucky), cards.. It would be nice to change the conventional idea of gift giving on Feb 14th! Walking into Clinton’s I don’t expect to see anything different in the weeks running up to V Day. The endless rows of cards is the same each and every […]