Blank StoryCubes

Proboscis manufactures and sells three sizes of ‘blank’ StoryCubes. The Original and Medium sizes are printed and die-cut on white silk 300 micron FSC-approved sustainable card stock; the Exhibition size are custom-prepared in our studio using single-ply buff cardboard from a laser-cut template.

  • Original Size 55x55x55mm
  • Medium Size 82x82x82mm
  • Exhibition Size 228x228x228mm

Some ideas for using StoryCubes

  • as a brainstorming tool to help people share ideas in workshops, conferences and creative labs
  • as an evaluation tool to build up multi layered and multi faceted responses to an event (conference, workshop, performance etc)
  • as mnemonic devices helping participants recall activities and outcomes of workshops and mentoring sessions
  • in school projects to help students collaborate on group work, enhance negotiation and debating skills and develop tactile and spatial construction skills
  • in community projects for intergenerational work – helping people see each others’ perspectives on shared issues
  • with young children: make your own alphabet and number cubes or create StoryCubes with photos of friends and family to assist recognition and memory skills
  • for storytelling games – where each participant adds elements to their cube and take turns in telling a story with them
  • for storyboarding: to help organise storylines for writing, animations or films
  • for urban gaming: use StoryCubes as props in urban game scenarios.


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