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bookleteer, Avery labels & StoryCubes

Over the summer we’ve been experimenting with using standard office labels to print StoryCubes designs created with bookleteer and mount them onto blank StoryCubes made and sold by Proboscis. This is proving to be the simplest, cheapest and most effective way we have found to make small numbers of cubes at home or work using […]

Feature Post on the Market Day Workshop StoryCubes

My third instalment of feature posts, sees a set of StoryCubes Sarah Thelwall used in her Market Day workshop. Sarah gave some great views on the StoryCubes, which can be seen below in my email interview. RP: Why did you choose to use StoryCubes in your workshop? ST: I am very keen to develop and […]

Promoting Proboscis

Leaflets, TV adverts, magazines adverts – the conventional way of promoting a product or company. However, having looked at the StoryCube promotion for Proboscis, the alternative to a leaflet, I have different thoughts now promotional methods and their effects. The cubes aren’t your average promotional piece, telling the audience what Proboscis as a company does. […]

Virtual StoryCubes – bringing virtual into reality

You can go to the cinema and watch a movie in 3D or now you can even stay at home and watch TV 3D style! Using 3D pictures on StoryCubes can now even bring video games to life! Students and staff at London Southbank University used this concept to create virtual StoryCubes, whereby displaying 3D […]

Promote all day, everyday, all year round…

There’s so many ways to promote something, but usually it’s something we pass by, like a poster, flick through – magazines, even throw away – leaflets. I rarely do come across a piece of promotional material that I keep. This is why I think using a calender cube as a promotional item is a great, […]

Rules are meant to be broken!

When I hear the word ‘rules’, it almost sounds serious, restrictive, even formal. Therefore I find it even more off putting and boring to read when there’s a page of rules in front of me! So why not break the usual way of presenting a list of rules…? StoryCubes provide an innovative way of providing […]

Common or Distinctive….?

Newspapers, magazines, leaflets, radio, TV, digital…all traditional ways of promoting a product or brand. Advertising and promotion should be innovative, different and unique for it to be effective. Seeing the same old advert or getting the same old leaflet through the letterbox, which like most people undoubtedly, I throw away without reading it, maybe starting […]

I want that band on that cube!

I absolutely love going to concerts! Not only seeing my favourite act perform up on stage, but the atmosphere is electric! The only downside is that it usually lasts only for an hour and a half 😦 which is why I always, always, always buy some sort of merchandise, usually the concert programme, which in […]

Christmas Greeting Cubes

Merry Christmas! This is the usual slogan you would find in most Christmas cards. When it comes to giving cards, I prefer a more personalised message. It’s more meaningful and unique in its own way. Introducing the highly unusual and visual promotional Christmas Greeting Card – the Christmas Greeting Cube! Twelve faces provide the opportunity […]