Promoting Proboscis

Leaflets, TV adverts, magazines adverts – the conventional way of promoting a product or company. However, having looked at the StoryCube promotion for Proboscis, the alternative to a leaflet, I have different thoughts now promotional methods and their effects.

The cubes aren’t your average promotional piece, telling the audience what Proboscis as a company does. The part I like the most is when looking and exploring the cubes itself, it gives a person or a targeted audience the opportunity to interpret it themselves and conjure up their own ideas about what a company does. This is why I think using the StoryCubes as a method of promoting a company is an effective way of doing so – it’s not so in your face, it’s not someone telling you ‘yes this is what we do and how we do it!’ which means you are forced to try and understand what they actually do!

Looking at Proboscis’s promotion cube, I did exactly this. I sat down and looked at each cube and wrote down a quick little list of ‘my thoughts on Proboscis.’ When I came to sit with Alice to discuss what Proboscis does,  I realised that she was coming out with the many areas of work I had on my list – geography (urban and rural), drawing, making things, education.

Alice mentioned “each cube was related to a different area of work and the words on the inside relate to that area.” There’s not all this text being thrown at you or complicated jargon. It’s simple and easy to understand what Proboscis does, just by looking at the cubes. The images used say it all…as they say ‘a picture is worth a 1000 words.’ In this case most definitely.

Not only would this be great to use in promotion, but also for the members of the company itself as a reminder tool. This idea popped up in my conversation with Alice. She talked about how they served well as a reminder tool when she was giving a talk. Additionally it’s a great way of documenting the work that has been done!

Create your own promotional StoryCube on Bookleteer.


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