StoryCubes – an inventive, imaginative idea with endless opportunities to be used in any situation.

This 3D ‘make your own’ cube concept is a very tactile approach for numerous uses. If you have a story to tell, a game to make and play, photos to publish, ideas to communicate, events to promote… a StoryCube is a unique and effective way of doing so.

The six sides can depict an idea, a thing or an action. There’s no need for glue or any other tool, as the StoryCube is designed to be hand made and can be folded in two different ways. Therefore with the twelve faces, inside and outside, there’s even the opportunity of having two StoryCubes in one!

Buy packs of blank StoryCubes to use in projects, workshops/events or at home; or create your own personalised StoryCubes with bookleteer and have them printed via the Short Run printing service.

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