Virtual StoryCubes – bringing virtual into reality

You can go to the cinema and watch a movie in 3D or now you can even stay at home and watch TV 3D style!

Using 3D pictures on StoryCubes can now even bring video games to life!

Students and staff at London Southbank University used this concept to create virtual StoryCubes, whereby displaying 3D images on a StoryCube gave a whole new outlook to the project, illustrated below.

This can be a great way to promote a new video game by displaying 3D images of clips of the game to give that real virtual reality effect. They can be used as part of a teaser campaign, placed in shops and store windows alongside posters.

Additionally, Rita King uses this concept in a different way in her ‘Welcome to the Imagination Age’ project.

Look out for ‘Virtual StoryCubes – bringing virtual into reality part 2’ which will have the Welcome to the Imagination Age video…

Besides using this concept in just marketing a product, it can also be used in displaying digital artwork and even in schools as a way of presenting a piece of work or as part of a project.


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