Architectural Cube

Having an architect as a brother, I have always been exposed to some sort of creativity. I remember when he was creating his CV after he finished University – not in Word, but in a book format on some fancy glossy card, with designs and examples of his work, illustrating his skill.

It leads me to think the many ways you can present a piece of work and how effective it can be. Using a StoryCube can be one of these ways, especially in architecture where there are many images – of plans or buildings, involved.

William Firebrace used this concept on his Marseille Mix project, illustrated in the image below. Here Firebrace has used a StoryCube to illustrate images of particular architecture in Marseille.

Each of the six eBooks were accompanied by a StoryCube. Firebrace used this as part of his writing process; the eBooks and StoryCubes were eventually incorporated into a larger book published by the Architectural Association.


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