DIY Building Blocks

Walking into Early Learning Centre I don’t know where to start when it comes to thinking of an idea for a gift for my young niece. Then I think of the toys she played with on her last birthday, or even when I just go to visit her and then I come across the classic building blocks. Not only does she use them for their purpose to build on top of each other and make different shapes and buildings, she also liters the whole living room with them!

You can find a variety of themes of building blocks, from the alphabet, numbers to farmyard animals on each face of the cube.

In a pack of building blocks there’s usually only 1 letter of each in the alphabet and also with numbers. With a StoryCube template, children are given the freedom to make many letters as they want – even create their own name! Below is a picture of handmade StoryCubes, illustrating this idea.

Creating these cubes using bookleteer gives a much wider scope for creativity and the chance to really personalise the cubes. Not only using the well known alphabet and number idea, another great visual stimulant for children would be to customise the cubes with their favourite Disney or cartoon character.

Using the StoryCubes in this way is not just a great learning aid for children ages between 2 – 6 and children with special needs, but it’s a great way for kids to play and interact with other kids, improving their social skills.


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