Christmas Greeting Cubes

Merry Christmas!

This is the usual slogan you would find in most Christmas cards. When it comes to giving cards, I prefer a more personalised message. It’s more meaningful and unique in its own way.

Introducing the highly unusual and visual promotional Christmas Greeting Card – the Christmas Greeting Cube!

Twelve faces provide the opportunity to customise images, logos and good wishes.

‘Send a meaningful, memorable, magical Christmas card this Christmas – the Christmas Greeting Cube!’

Buy packs of blank StoryCubes or create your own personalised Christmas Cubes with bookleteer and have them professionally printed and die-cut with our PPOD service



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  1. […] Run Printing in the run up to Xmas, so if you’d like to create some festive StoryCubes as an alternative to the usual Christmas cards, or make an eBook family photo album or collection pof stories, sign up for a free account and take […]

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