Common or Distinctive….?

Newspapers, magazines, leaflets, radio, TV, digital…all traditional ways of promoting a product or brand.

Advertising and promotion should be innovative, different and unique for it to be effective.

Seeing the same old advert or getting the same old leaflet through the letterbox, which like most people undoubtedly, I throw away without reading it, maybe starting to loose its effectiveness in engaging with audiences.

StoryCubes, on the other hand, are definitely an innovative, different and unique way of promoting a product or brand.

Unlike a 2D format promotional piece, StoryCubes enables the audience to tacitly play with it and become more interactive with it!

They can be placed at events, workshops, store/window displays, cafes, libraries…anywhere!

Here’s a StoryCube that was used for promoting Bookleteer, created by Karen Martin, Giles Lane and Hazem Tagiuri.

Each side can have images and/or text. Create your own promotional StoryCube on bookleteer.


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