Tell a story through your own eyes…

Stories are traditionally told with words and images in some cases. However a StoryCube allows you to not only do both, but also tell a story just using images on each face of the cube.

I think this is a great way of telling a story as it allows the reader to have the opportunity to interpret the story in their own way.

Any type of image can be used, from comic, cartoon to real life. There have been some StoryCubes which have been made using this concept.

Warren Craghead, a Virginian artist and curator provides an experiential journey of his life projecting both forward and backward, presented through comical images of each decade on separate StoryCubes.

Also, using the same concept, Linda Carroli created a StoryCube, based on suburban life. Each face showed a real life image of the different types of houses in the suburb.

Tel your own story and create your very own StoryCube on bookleteer.


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