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Virtual Storycubes – bringing virtual into reality part 2

As promised here’s the Welcome to the Imagination Age video. Take a look…   Advertisements

Virtual StoryCubes – bringing virtual into reality

You can go to the cinema and watch a movie in 3D or now you can even stay at home and watch TV 3D style! Using 3D pictures on StoryCubes can now even bring video games to life! Students and staff at London Southbank University used this concept to create virtual StoryCubes, whereby displaying 3D […]

Architectural Cube

Having an architect as a brother, I have always been exposed to some sort of creativity. I remember when he was creating his CV after he finished University – not in Word, but in a book format on some fancy glossy card, with designs and examples of his work, illustrating his skill. It leads me […]

Tell a story through your own eyes…

Stories are traditionally told with words and images in some cases. However a StoryCube allows you to not only do both, but also tell a story just using images on each face of the cube. I think this is a great way of telling a story as it allows the reader to have the opportunity […]

Storybook or StoryCube…?

It seems now with so many gadgets around, especially the iPad, people are forgetting what a book looks and feels like! A matter of fact is that the conventional storybook may be becoming outdated. The ability to read a book on the ipad shows the changing ways of reading a book – without physically holding a […]