Storybook or StoryCube…?

It seems now with so many gadgets around, especially the iPad, people are forgetting what a book looks and feels like!

A matter of fact is that the conventional storybook may be becoming outdated.

The ability to read a book on the ipad shows the changing ways of reading a book – without physically holding a book!

Well, as everything is changing why not take it in a totally different direction? – use a StoryCube to tell your story!

Fact or Fiction, using a StoryCube is a more fun, visual and interactive idea than the usual storybook concept.

Babette Wagenvoort did just this in her story The Octuplet: ‘The Story of Our Lives’

Wagenvoort, tells the story of eight human beings living inside their mother, through the use of continuous flowing images around each face of the StoryCube.

Take a closer look here

Use bookleteer to create your story…


One comment

  1. Vance Jochim · · Reply

    I have absolutely no understanding of what these storycubes do – are they just a way of building a cube from paper to show 9 pictures, one per side. I have not found ANY videos that explain this concept except “Magic Cubes” on youtube. Is this some type of right brained art that is not understandable to men?

    Please explain by showing uses in a video.

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