Hidden Families StoryCubes

Alice inspecting the Hidden Families StoryCube set

Alice inspecting the Hidden Families StoryCube set

This morning a new set of custom StoryCubes made with bookleteer arrived in the studio fresh off the press. Designed and illustrated by Alice Angus, they are part of a collaborative research project we’ve been working on since last summer with Lizzie Coles-Kemp of the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway University of London, performer Freya Stang, NEPACS and Actions for Prisoners Families.

The StoryCubes share the experiences of families who are separated by prison – the hardships they face in travelling long distances for visits, the stresses, the lack of communication and support. Like a previous set designed to share some families experiences of Early Intervention in Birmingham, this set of StoryCubes is intended to be part of a call to action and to help others, such as policy makers, explore the impact on families of the prison system.

The StoryCubes will be shown at an AHRC Connected Communities Showcase in London on March 12th at the Congress Centre.


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