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StoryCubes in action with Cass Business School

“Using the StoryCubes provided me with a realistic business situation in which you have to keep things short and to the point – you face scarcity in the real world and need to put your best face on. The StoryCubes assisted me in defining who I am and exactly where I want to be.” Tooba […]

Hidden Families StoryCubes

This morning a new set of custom StoryCubes made with bookleteer arrived in the studio fresh off the press. Designed and illustrated by Alice Angus, they are part of a collaborative research project we’ve been working on since last summer with Lizzie Coles-Kemp of the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway University of London, performer Freya Stang, NEPACS and […]

3D research

When I think of a research project, my mind goes back to Uni, when there would usually be realms and realms of pages of facts and findings. Just the thought of reading page after page I find boring – the same mundane way of presenting research in a book format. It almost puts one off […]