StoryCubes at NurseryWorld

Our friends at Earlyarts are taking a stand (No. 8) at the NurseryWorld Show this Friday and Saturday (17 & 18th February) and will have packs of StoryCubes available to buy, as well as presenting our Outside the Box set of StoryCubes. The show is being held in Islington’s Building Design Centre 9am to 4.30pm : 52 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 0QH.

Earlyarts is an award winning national network for people working creatively with children and families in the arts, cultural and early years sectors.

Nursery World 2012 is designed for everyone in the early years community and provides an opportunity for visitors to meet supplier companies and organisations to get real, practical support for running their nursery business.

We’re looking forward to hearing feedback from early arts practitioners on how they would use StoryCubes and what kinds of additional resources (stickers sets, printed cubes sets etc) they’d like to see us offer.



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