Birmingham Total Place StoryCubes

Over the years Proboscis have been commissioned to specially produce StoryCubes for events and workshops on different occasions. Last year Proboscis were commissioned by educator and organisational consultant Lesley Cramman to create a set of StoryCubes for the Birmingham Total Place Early Intervention Project, as part of the Total Place Summit in 2010. The purpose of the summit was to generate new ways of thinking,working and collaboration across public services. The Early Intervention Project were aiming, through the Story Cubes, to stimulate conversations around children’s services, support for younger people and parents in Birmingham.

Alice and Orlagh created a set of illustrated cubes that were the result of conversations with parents, carers and workers. Quotes from the conversations were represented on the StoryCubes which were then used to encourageĀ conversations at the summit.

Other projects that have made use of StoryCubes include Manchester Beacon, As it Comes and the iHuman Youth Society. To find out more on how you can commission Proboscis for one of your projects click here.


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