Feature Post on the Rijeka StoryCubes

The second edition of my ‘feature post’ collection, is based around Dodolab‘s Andrew Hunter and Lisa Hirmer’s set of Rijeka StoryCubes.

I emailed Lisa especially because of her design knowledge and background and she came back with some insightful thoughts.

Asked why and how the StoryCubes were used Lisa mentioned,

“The Rijeka StoryCubes were designed for a conference-like gathering…they were part of a gift-like package of items.

Lisa also mentioned,

“they were designed to be more like a souvenir shareable than an interactive tool.”

I like how the StoryCubes, in any situation can create a more relaxed atmosphere, which in turn I believe can create more interesting and inspiring narratives. In my email response, Lisa went on to say,

“I used the StoryCubes for this because , as there was no formal activity planned, their playful quality would encourage the participants to explore the information.”

One of my favourite parts about using StoryCubes is that you can put anything from text, pictures to drawings on each face and I like the idea of having just an image, as it enables someone to interpret it for themselves. My thought co-insides with what Lisa mentioned about the shape and the images used on the StoryCubes,

“I think that the 3 dimensional display of the imagery also meant that in playing with the cubes, different combinations of images would get displayed together, potentially suggesting a sense of the different narratives.”

Looking at what Lisa discussed, I think the cubes were successful in their purpose, in terms of informality and being informative about the city.

Keep posted for more featured posts!


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