Bring a little excitement to the classroom…

Getting kids to come together and work as a team can be quite a difficult challenge. The usual scenario of a group sitting in a circle staring blankly at each other, no one wanting to say anything, comes to mind.

What if they had a prop, a visual aid or an object, a StoryCube perhaps, to trigger conversation..?

A StoryCube has endless opportunities for ideas to bring kids together and work as a team.

I remember being in music lessons in Years 7 and 8, which would be the most fun lesson of all. Being asked to come up with jingles, experimenting with the musical instruments, even singing the Aladdin theme tune – ‘a whole new world’ at one point, would be the perfect opportunity to have fun with my friends…in lesson!

Introducing StoryCubes to kids in the classroom would definitely mix it up a bit, in my opinion. Especially in music lessons.

Julie Myers used the StoryCube in an interesting way, whereby using a popular song, instead of using the lyrics she would replace them with other words, which can be anything from objects to images. Take a closer look here. The picture below illustrates this example by Julie Myers.

Kids can use this concept to create jingles, songs or lyrics. Using bookleteer allows the kids to make their very own StoryCube!

Our website offers a wide range of examples of StoryCubes used in games and education. Browse around for some inspiration and ideas and download them for free!


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