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StoryMaker PlayCubes On Sale Now

Sadly we didn’t make our Kickstarter goal to produce a complete set of the Outside The Box PlayCubes, but earlier this year we did print up a small edition of the StoryMaker PlayCubes and are now offering these for sale. Perfect for family Xmas fun! Visit our webstore to order your set now, or choose […]

Kickstarting PlayCubes

Outside The Box is a “game engine for your imagination” – designed to inspire you to create and play your own games on your own or with others, indoors or outside. It’s made up of 27 cubes, 3 layers of 9 cubes, each layer being a distinct game : Animal Match, Mission Improbable and StoryMaker. […]

To board or not to board…..??

Monopoly, Snakes & Ladders, Scrabble What do these games have in common?? They are all played on a board! Like most games out there..hence ‘board game.’ Board games have been around for centuries! Time to update the ‘board game’ concept I think…… StoryCubes are a great way to create a game which is different, unique […]

Build Your Own Dice!

Everything seems to be changing; the way we shop, the way we socialise, the way we communicate! Amongst younger children, it seems the internet has literally taken over their lives! There doesn’t seem to be much interaction apart from a person and their computer screen! Trying to get the attention of my 12 year old […]